When the Good Cook Garden cookbook of preparing vegetables,  a guide to growing  Contents are 1. About Vegetables; 2. Oriental Vegetables; 3. The Wok; 4. The Art of Vegetable Cutting; 5. All About Herbs; 5. "Harvest" Your Garden Every Day of the Year; and 6. Vegetable Chart. canning

When the Good Cook Gardens: How to Enjoy Vegetables, Especially the Unusual by edited Ortho Books 1974

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Condition: Very Good -Rare Hardcover - The text is crisp clean and appears unread.  The cover boards have minor cosmetic wear.

When the Good Cook Gardens is cookbook dedicated to the art of preparing vegetables, and a guide to growing your own garden greens. Chapters include:
1. About Vegetables
2. Oriental Vegetables
3. The Wok
4. The Art of Vegetable Cutting
5. All About Herbs
6. "Harvest" Your Garden Every Day of the Year; and
7. Vegetable Chart.
Excellent highly relevant and informative reference.

Publishing details
Hardcover: 96 pages
Ortho Books; 1974
Weight:  647 g
Dimensions: 21.8 x 1.0 x 28.6 cm